Social Media

The Instagram Apps, I couldn't live without.

This is a small collection of the apps, I use for as good as every post which gets uploaded on the @jmawb Instagram account

1.      Buffer

2.      VSCO

3.      Focalmark

4.      Dropbox/OneDrive/iCloud Drive


The Key to Organisation

Buffer is an organizational tool, which is used predominantly by Social Media Managers. However, I too use it to in order to organize and remotely post to Instagram, Twitter and my Facebook Page.

When connected to Facebook and Twitter it will automatically post at the allotted time which had been set by you. Yet due to Instagram’s restrictions, Buffer is only allowed to remind, rather than post. So you get a push-notification, confirm it and it automatically adds the photo with caption to Instagram.

Buffer also provides all imaginable statistics to each post which gets created through Buffer, allowing it’s algorithm to continuously alter the automatic times; creating better results.



My Mobile Editing Suite

VSCO is a synonym for high quality filters, both for photographers like I, yet also for fashion/lifestyle bloggers who love tumblr. The large quantity of filter sets, which are available as in-app purchases giving a huge, diverse variety for all types of posts.

This once again isn’t my main use for this app. When I am in a rush/don’t have quick enough access to my laptop, I upload my shots via WI-FI to my phone and then edit them. This is what I then use to edit, why? Well it has a clarity setting, and a truly good one. That’s the main reason tbh.

Yes, it isn't necessarily the most in-depth editing suite available for the App Store, Snapseed and many others offer a lot more possibilities, yet with my photos being street, and relatively raw; a large amount of editing isn't needed.


My Hashtag Cheat Sheet

Focalmark is an app which analyzes the most trending hashtags at that present moment. One has three options e.g. with my account B&W, Berlin, Leica. Using these three points, it then curates the top 30 or less hashtags for those topics. These hashtags will also change depending on the day, and which are the most popular.

I use it, for each and every post, as if I’d use my standard 30 hashtags based on my average shot, they’d never change; nor would I ever have large enough data sets to get the trending hashtags in my 30. Whether this app, as such actually improves the engagement of my shots or not I can’t guarantee however with this app being free; there is nothing to lose.


The Simplest Way to Post

Cloud services, are the programmes which I use the most. Whether it be iCloud, Dropbox or whichever provider. Using these apps, is the easiest way to transfer photos from my Computer to my phone. With a direct export from Lightroom to the cloud, within seconds I have my brand new edited photo ready to post.

I have found this to be the simplest way, after using E-Mail for a long time, I changed to Airdrop however, with the variety of problems that one sometimes has using it; cloud services seem to be the simplest method to me.

What I did newly discover though, is that one can also publish photos onto Instagram, directly from the computer. You can do this, by setting the browser as an iPhone or Android layout, going onto and on the top, middle you’ll see the camera logo where you can then directly post.

The incredible power of Social Media


Jerome Jarre, many of you will know him. He is a Vine Superstar (1.44B views) with a huge following over all platforms. (1.29M on Twitter, 1.8M on Instagram). He has brought the attention of the world to the famine crisis in Somalia. The attention of the world, I actually mean, it isn't an exaggeration, Turkish Airlines has donated an entire cargo plane, and another 140-tonne capability over the next 6 months as well. Ben Stiller has joined, and so far many other stars with a huge reach (Casey Neistat, Colin Kaepernick and so many others!) 

They set up a gofundme campaign which has been crashing the entire platform since it opened 20 hours ago. Once I managed to actually access the website, these were the staggering numbers within the first 20 hours.  

Screen Shot 2017-03-18 at 14.24.25.png

Yes, 924,000$ within 20 hours, by over 30,000 people. Including Casey Neistat donating 10,000$, Colin Kaepernick donating 25,000$. Why am I mentioning these two. It's because of Social Media that it is now getting so much traction, not only did they donate yet they shared it across their platforms as well with a combined amount of over 2M followers alone on Twitter. This is how the word gets spread, and people from every corner of the world come together to help a great cause.

Jerome just released an update on the campaign with these incredible statistics. "People from over 104 countries, with an average of 28$ being donated per person." 

This is the power of Social Media. So go donate if you can, share the link across all platforms and let #lovearmyforsomalia spread to even more corners of the world, and get to even higher numbers.


An Update: From the time I started writing this post, to now which is a total of 18 minutes, another 26,000$ have been donated.

The Struggles of Social Media

Facebook - 600 likes and 35 views per post. 

Instagram - 3900 likes and 1200 views per post.

Facebook gets me about 5% views and Instagram about 33%. To ensure that people following my page, get to see the content published via Facebook I'd need to pay. Whereas on Instagram, the problem isn't the new algorithm, it's ghost followers and fake account (spam, followers4followers etc), this doesn't mean that my followers aren't seeing the posted content yet that the majority of my followers aren't interested in me, which is another sad reality nonetheless; even so there isn't a real way to stop either of these things happening. A few tricks however, can be used to slightly minimise these problems.

Facebook Views

• Like and share the post using your personal account – This gives Facebook's algorithm the hint that people are interested in the post; thereby automatically spreading it to more and more followers.

• Facebook is pushing native video, rather than shared video via Youtube, Vimeo etc. Thereby if videos are in your main media form make sure they are native to Facebook. Similarly, you will automatically see photos and texts do worse than videos.

Instagram Views

• If one activates an Instagram business account, Instagram offers a whole universe of statistics and numbers surrounding your followers; ranging from most amount of followers online each day, through the amount of website clicks to the numbers of men, women, countries cities and ages which encompass your followers. Using these, one can arrange times when to post, allowing the most followers to see the posts simultaneously. This gives one the highest amount of engagements within the quickest time.

• When it comes to ghost followers there is very little that you can do, and Instagram only mass deletes once a year approx. Cleaner for Instagram is the only tool that has actually helped me in this regard. Yet, there are downsides, as it automatically filters out between "Ghost Followers and Inactive Followers", these then get blocked. Which automatically thereby makes the ghost followers unfollow you, however in a case when these people become active again, they can never see your account again. Yet this isn't very likely to happen.

A post which I made for Instagram Story.

A post which I made for Instagram Story.

These are crucial issues if you ask me. Yet I can't deny the fact that social media is crucial nowadays and I am a true lover of it. I use social media, especially Instagram extensively with my Facebook always lagging behind just a bit, this is once again because of the shocking small amount of reach which one receives. 

Social Media is how I got, my biggest job so far and that is also because of the reach that I have created throughout the years. This isn't anything new, however, I am a true believer that social media is incredibly interesting when it comes to marketing; getting your name out there and creating an audience for ones work.