The 4th Semester of my BA Photography


This new semester, Germany’s educational structure consists of 2 yearly semesters (just a quick FYI). My Art and Design University has merged with a Business University created the newly formed UE. Thankfully despite a large amount of curricula changes, as well as faculty changes I, personally won’t be affected to a large extent. This is due to the fact that I worked a great deal extra throughout the first 3 semesters average 40 ECTS rather than the necessary 28.

Thanks to working ahead, and completing courses a few semesters earlier than necessary, I now only have to complete 2 courses over the next 6 months. This gives me the possibility which I had hoped for It allows me to focus on this very blog, building a portfolio in photojournalism while also doing odd jobs to give me the option of saving some money.

The 2 courses that will completely consist of a documentary photography course, which is quite clearly something that I’m passionate about, so you can be expecting a series from that course.
The second course is named Editorial and Corporate photography, which focuses on the theory and conversation about how to deal with book publishers and the history of photo books. The second half of this course will be dedicated to a fashion series which we as students have to create, with our own models, stylists etc. This will be a highly interesting experience because of the fact that I haven’t tried my hand in fashion photography nor have a great aspect behind the photographic aspect of fashion. However, as it is a crucial part of passing this course, I will have to create this series, and will be giving it my best shot, while hopefully making it clear that it is me who is the photographer.
One thing I can however guarantee is that there won’t be a great deal of photoshop nor manipulation as this is a major reason that I don’t enjoy fashion photography.

The saved money should be able to allow me to travel and capture more of the world. This gives me the opportunity to build my portfolio and try out the genre of so-called ‘lifestyle photography’.

Next semester, starting in April will be the Internship Semester, where I’ll be working in a company hopefully within the creative industries whether it be as a photographer, or creative director, or social media marketer. This will be my first glance at the corporate world behind the creatives.