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Day 8 - Nablus and a Printing and Graphic Design Company

To start of with, this has been the first post in the last 3 days. Before that, there hadn't been much to report. A lot of travelling and visiting clients, however not much photographically appealing. 
However today was quite the opposite. A 300km drive to Nablus and back as well as visiting another company provided quite the long day. 

This factory, pictured in the gallery below is the largest designer and printer of billboards throughout the Hebron region, using heavy duty machines which can print up to 1200 sqm per hour. They also print and produce national and international campaigns for large multinational companies. 
Their speciality is printing on a variety of objects including raw wood, glass, boxes, textiles, labels, canvases and a variety of others; doing this they use some of the most modern machines capable of the very best quality.

The journey from Hebron to Nablus is approx 150km each way, meaning roundabout an 1:30 each way, leaving plenty of type for my new favourite thing, shooting photos out the window.
It sounds bizarre, but I have been doing it alot lately, and I truly enjoy attempting to get a shot despite the speed and the quick passing moment.

As such, we didn't stop in Nablus for longer than 5min, but it was a beautiful drive, down to the dead sea and then up again, causing your ears to pop various times as one travels from +1000m sea level to -400m and back up. Nablus is similar to Hebron, a city placed in a vast array of valleys and mountains leaving room for plenty of spectacular views.

Second Day - Looking out of the window

The day started off relatively late, with me staying in the hotel to continue on highly interesting university paperwork that needed to be done.
Afterwards, we continued in visiting a variety of Shaban's friends and clients.

Spontaneously Shaban then had the idea of driving up to Bethlehem to go to a famous restaurant where all the served was grilled chicken. I have to admit I can understand why it is famous. (damn good chicken).
Continuing back towards Hebron, Shaban spotted a vast valley with little dirt roads going through out them. He decided that we should explore and that it would be a great opportunity for photos, and it truly was. One has already been posted on my Instagram and there is a gallery of shots further down in this post.

Seeing the border wall from a distance was rather humbling as it really showed the scale, with one being able to see it on the horizon. 

Throughout the day, I have been working and developing ideas for the planned project now I recon I have a chance of continuing the series after all; so we'll see how it continues. Obviously, I will keep all of you updated as soon as possible.
I have also decided to work on a type of short film, using a variety of sound tracks, time-lapses and stills.
Saturday will be the day on which we will start traveling to Jericho and then onwards to the dead sea.