Learn from my mistakes. How to make sure you have a story.

A photographic documentary series tells a story, sheds light on an idea or concept. Yet crucially, it has to tell the story without a 10,000-word essay next to the shots, actually explaining it. 

I mean this is easy, at least that’s what I had thought when travelling to Palestine. Capture every moment, capture a selection of opening shots be that landscapes or city views as well as a moment or two of unusual shots as a filler if necessary.
So that’s what I did.

This shot of Shaban praying under the shade of a tree, sadly didn't make it into the series as it didn't align with the story; yet I still love it.

Came back and my god it was a struggle. I was missing shots, I hadn’t got a clear story already built up and both Katrin Thomas (my mentor overlooking this project) and I weren’t sure whether or not it would be possible to create a story. Through building a concept mentally the selection process started, sorting through a total of 78 selected photographs out of 650 taken shots. At the end of the day, over a period of 6 weeks, we ended up with a series including 27 photographs which do tell a story.

Sadly, in my highly critical view of myself it definitely could have been better, and a clearer, more enticing story than that of which I have now created. There is a storyline yet it is simplistic and not all too imaginative.

Thereby through my mistakes, these are what I have learned and will do in future in order to create better stories each and every time in future.

Things to do so you wont end up in a mess, similar to mine.

Plan ahead

-        Do your research.

This, however, did make it into the final series.

This, however, did make it into the final series.

-        Know what you are getting yourself into.

-        Build your story.

-        Figure out the approx. shots that you need.


When you are there

-        Is your story going a different direction?

         o   Stay in the hotel, work out how to change it.

         o   Build that extra topic into the story.

         o   DON’T JUST IGNORE IT

-        Edit the series in the sections of story needed, thereby one can clearly see 24/7 what is missing.

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