The incredible power of Social Media


Jerome Jarre, many of you will know him. He is a Vine Superstar (1.44B views) with a huge following over all platforms. (1.29M on Twitter, 1.8M on Instagram). He has brought the attention of the world to the famine crisis in Somalia. The attention of the world, I actually mean, it isn't an exaggeration, Turkish Airlines has donated an entire cargo plane, and another 140-tonne capability over the next 6 months as well. Ben Stiller has joined, and so far many other stars with a huge reach (Casey Neistat, Colin Kaepernick and so many others!) 

They set up a gofundme campaign which has been crashing the entire platform since it opened 20 hours ago. Once I managed to actually access the website, these were the staggering numbers within the first 20 hours.  

Screen Shot 2017-03-18 at 14.24.25.png

Yes, 924,000$ within 20 hours, by over 30,000 people. Including Casey Neistat donating 10,000$, Colin Kaepernick donating 25,000$. Why am I mentioning these two. It's because of Social Media that it is now getting so much traction, not only did they donate yet they shared it across their platforms as well with a combined amount of over 2M followers alone on Twitter. This is how the word gets spread, and people from every corner of the world come together to help a great cause.

Jerome just released an update on the campaign with these incredible statistics. "People from over 104 countries, with an average of 28$ being donated per person." 

This is the power of Social Media. So go donate if you can, share the link across all platforms and let #lovearmyforsomalia spread to even more corners of the world, and get to even higher numbers.


An Update: From the time I started writing this post, to now which is a total of 18 minutes, another 26,000$ have been donated.