You need to print out your photos!

Katrin Thomas always says that she can’t see nor judge a photo correctly until she holds it in her hand. It doesn’t have to be a high-quality expensive print, it can be printed on copy paper but nonetheless, it has got to be printed.

Katrin Thomas is a professor at my university, and a dear friend. She speaks out of 25+ years of experience as a practicing photographer and lecturer. During the first courses that she held, I hadn’t clearly understood why we needed to spend the money on prints, rather than just looking through the beamer or laptop screen. Digitally they can change, you can edit directly and most importantly as a student, you save money.

Yet I have learned to understand that the photo comes to life when printed. It’s something to hold on to, something to grasp and envision yourself throughout as long a time as you want to take. Not only is it more beautiful to see one's photo printed, it also gives a feeling of accomplishment as one can take hold of something that one has actually done.

The ease it adds once selecting and editing a series is gigantic. Having actual hard proofs of photos, being able to alter and replace shots within seconds and clearly being able to adjust and edit the series.
I am not making the case that each and every photo has gotten to be printed; I mean I’ve made the case to never delete a singular shot, so these clearly can’t all be put down into hard copy.  Yet when actively selecting photos for publishing etc. it can clearly make life simpler and smoother when going through the editing process.

So quick recap, what’s the lesson. Just like the last post, I’ll end with a demand. Last week it was to never delete photos, and now secondly try to print out photos minimum once a month, select your favourites, those that you think will work, and things you think won’t. Then print them, and try it out.