My Newest Plans - Keeping you Updated

For the last few months I have been stuck in Berlin, working an inordinate amount to finish of my third semester of my seven semester BA of Photography. Now, on July 14th I will have finished and will be travelling to Lisbon, Portugal for a huge relax. I am greatly familiar with the city and the style, however I will be doing my best to get lots of street photography and shots which I hadn’t before focused on. However, especially I see a great possibility in street photography throughout Lisbon. A synopsis of these photos will then also be uploaded as a blog post; in addition to the multitude of posts on my Instagram account throughout those two weeks.

Continuing on from those travels, I will be embarking on my second trip to Palestine on August 15th. Here I will be continuing the documentary series, “The Shoe Factories of Hebron” with a total of three weeks spent there, with all the people that I have met to date. Throughout the 18 days, that I’ll be based there, I am also hoping on getting out a blog post every second day, or if possible even daily; like I had done the last time. I am aiming to continue the series, however mainly focusing on portraits depicting the workers this time, rather than just the factories. Hereby the story being told should become more personal and tangible.

After those three weeks, I am then hoping to have completed the selection and editing process by the end of September to then publish and show all of you.