Fourth and Fifth Day

It is an hour and a half drive from Hebron to the Dead Sea. Along the drive was presented with a vast amount of stunning countryside and scenery. Plenty of time to take some more photos and see even more sides to this country. 

The time at the dead sea was incredible and completely surreal. The floating isn't only when you lie on your back as in the various photos that everyone has seen previously. The second you bend your knees in the water, your entire body floats upwards; it's bizarre. We three also had a traditional mud bath, which included pictures, but they truly don't need sharing with the world. Trust me.

Today, Sunday; is the first day of the working week. I had the opportunity to visit my first factory of this trip, which I am greatly excited about as it shows that there is a chance that I can continue the project after all. 
I also had the opportunity of having lunch and a long chat with the owner of the factory, who also happened to study in England; meaning he had truly impeccable English. It was a really successful day which hopefully marks a starting point to the continuation of this ongoing project.