My last day in Hebron, another great one!

I have now spent a total of 10 days in this incredible placed named Hebron. I was worried when I arrived, I had a lot of goals and hopes. Expectation management is my best virtue, meaning I am able to raise my hopes to a ridiculously high level; to then fall as low as possible. However I didn't hope or expect as much as I have gotten from this trip. I have gained a huge amount of experiences, and I personally think that I have gained a group of friends. I had hoped for someone to show me around, and that was it. Yet the Natsha family game me a lot more than just a tour guide. 

Muhammad, Omar, Shaban and I grilled at Shaban's house for lunch. It was very cold, however the grill really did provide a nice amount of warmth. As such today nothing special happened, which I really enjoyed because I was able to just spend some with the people that I have met and enjoy my time.

I am going to leave this very short post here, as I am feeling quite emotional about leaving, and tomorrow at 8 I am back off to Tel Aviv. Do expect a long and comprehensive post about my amazing time here in Hebron,with all the great experiences that I have made.