The Cave of Patriarchs

The Cave of Patriarchs is probably the most famous tourist destination here in Hebron. First of to make sure people don't think the title is click bait; i wasn't able to visit it. The Cave of Patriarchs is also known as the Abraham mosque. This is where Prophet Abraham lived and died, because of this it is a crucial place for Islam. Shaban likened it to Bethlehem for the christians. 

Yet, where the mosque stands now, wasn't the original place where it was meant to be built. According to Shaban, they had started to build the mosque, when god called down to them and said, let a camel go free and where it sits down; that is where the mosque should be placed. 

These are the beginnings of the mosque, before it was then relocated.

Shaban had often asked me, is there a place where you would really like to go. As such no, because my goal of this trip was to experience the culture and the people. However the Cave of Patriarchs did interest me, because of the amount that one can read about it. Yet we didn't go, but once Shaban explained why not; I was relatively happy that we didn't. The cave and mosque are located in H2. The Israeli side. However to visit this historical site, Shaban described it as tighter security than in Tel Aviv airport, and people recommend to arrive at Tel Aviv airport 5 hours before boarding. Not only that stress, however also often Palestinians aren't even let in, because they are Palestinians. Shaban explains how discomforting this is for Muslims especially as this is such an important site within their religion.

On a lighter note, we visited another shoe factory today. The more and more of them that I see, I am continuously amazed by the similarities that each and every factory shows. After each day I am getting more and more confident in my ideas for the project which I am developing. Yet the thing which I am still struggling greatly with is showing people. Portraits. Portraits tell the story behind the glue, behind the machines and behind the paint. Without seeing people the story becomes much less graspable. That is why, when I return I should be able to have a small conversation in Arabic in order to make the people feel more comfortable around me.