Casey Neistat - My Inspiration

Casey Neistat is a filmmaker. Some might say merely a vlogger, but if anyone would give him that little credit then at least credit him with the fact that he has broken a multitude of YouTube records. Yet to me, he has been an inspiration for the last years; where he was definitely one of the reasons that I decided to puruse being a photographer. 

He does what he thinks works. He sticks to his ideas, no matter how mad or inappropriate they seem. Nike wants him to make a commercial, so he boards a plane and goes on a world trip. It works, it truly does, but its not orthodox nor standard. Yet even so, people love his work for just that reason. A $25,000 budget for a promo video for Walter Mitty, got spent on relief in the Philippines, and 20th Century Fox said okay. That is Casey Neistat.

In every university course, everytime I was asked about my idol in general it was always Casey Neistat. The philosophy he has. Yet it was this video, actually a commercial which really made me want to write this post. A commercial yes, but it wasn't an advertisement. It was a message, to everyone like me; young creators who try their hardest to push out the very best content.

He does everything possible, to make and create content. The equipment doesn't matter, they are tools which is what he too always says. He breaks cameras on a continuous basis not for show nor for entertainment value but because he does everything for the shot. People criticise him for that, for being uncareful and "rich" yet it isn't about that. It is about the shot, getting the most possible out of the gear and doing everything to get the to the limit of his industry. It is this philosophy that inspires me so much, the concept that he does everything possible. That is what I strive for, it might not be filmmaking, but it is because of him, Casey Neistat that I believe in it. One really doesn't need to add anything else than this quote from him himself.

"If you are doing what everyone else is doing, you are doing it wrong."